Verratti: PSG have a chance to win the Champions League

Verratti: PSG have a chance to win the Champions League

Marco Verratti believes Paris Saint-Germain “has a chance” to win the Champions League this season

PSG had just signed Neymar and Kylian Mbappé in the summer, and managed to get them down to the field in a Champions League match beating Celtic 5-0 in Glasgow.

“It was a perfect evening,” Verratti told reporters.

“It’s important to win our first game, and we have scored many goals. I think this is good news for the team. ”

“We know the Champions League is our goal, and if the situation we can control like this continues, we will move far ahead. If we’ve been a great team and, especially, being a solid group, it’s not easy for any team to beat us. ”

“Luckily we have attacking players like Neymar, MbappĂ© and [Edinson] Cavani. We have one of the best strikers in Europe and this is an important asset. While against Celtic, they proved very deadly. ”

“The way we play will show the difference. It’s too soon to say we can win the Champions League. We need to play hard, dare to go further and try as hard as possible in every game. ”

“But yes, I think we have a chance to win it.”

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