SEA Games 2017: Indonesia U-22 national team make Thailand anxious

SEA Games 2017: Indonesia U-22 national team make Thailand anxious

Thailand is the inaugural test that must be passed Indonesia U-22 national team in the inaugural match of Group B soccer SEA Games 2017 Judi Bola Online. Though unseeded, Thailand trained Worrawoot Srimaka reluctant jgawa.

For U-22 national team, Thailand is not just an opponent that must be faced in Group B. They also become the main rival U-22 national team in an effort to win gold SEA Games. Yes, PSSI targeting the team made by Luis Milla won the prime gold after the 1991 SEA Games.

The problem is, Thailand will obviously be a difficult opponent. They are the largest collectors of SEA Games gold medal, which is 15 times. Unlike the new Indonesia won two gold.

“We came here to defend the gold medal we had won two years ago in Singapore and I have prepared the players to perform in good shape because we know the competition will get tighter this year,” Srimaka said as quoted by The Sun Daily.

Thailand was often a nightmare for the Indonesian national team. After the 1991 SEA Games, the Red and White team had three chances to end the famine. Unfortunately, two occasions of which thwarted Thailand, namely the SEA Games 1997 and 2013.

Despite excelling in history and quality records, not even the White Elephant State team underestimate Febri Hariyadi and friends. In fact, they do not hesitate to call Indonesia as one of the strongest rivals with Vietnam.

“Even though I bring most of the new faces, I am sure they will give the best, all the teams will be a threat to us, especially Vietnam and Indonesia which is one of the strongest competitors,” said Srimaka.

On the other hand, Indonesia U-22 national team has been to Malaysia since Saturday (08/12/2017). A total of 20 + 1 players brought Milla to Kuala Lumpur. Besides Thailand, Indonesia’s opponents are Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Timor Leste.

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