Pochettino Welcomes Enthusiastically Against Juventus

Pochettino Welcomes Enthusiastically Against Juventus

Tottenham Hotspur nurse Mauricio Pochettino welcomed the UEFA Champions League 16th round which will bring his squad to Juventus.

Where he greeted enthusiastically because the Old Lady was the club she always wanted to face.

Pochettino is from Argentina, but he told the media crew that his family was rooted in Turin, and he was eager to travel to the Serie A leaders’ headquarters on February 13 before returning to Wembley on March 7.

He said: “It’s fantastic because my family comes from Italy, from Turin is amazing!”

“My name Pochettino comes from Italy. It would be fantastic to go there for the first time. Turin is a city I always want to visit and now we’re going to play against Juventus. ”

“I think it is a great pleasure for our team to face one of the biggest clubs in the world, their article twice in the final in the last three years.

“They have high mentalias so it can be a strong competitor in the Champions competition, and this will be a big test for us.”

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