Gabriel Jesus: Guardiola and Tite’s Coaching Style is Almost the Same

Gabriel Jesus: Guardiola and Tite’s Coaching Style is Almost the Same

Manchester City striker, Gabriel Jesus, revealed that there are similarities between his coach at the club, namely Pep Guardiola, and his coach in the Brazilian national team, Tite.

Gabriel Jesus is the top choice player in Manchester City as well as in Brazil’s current national team.

This week, he has to leave Manchester City to undergo the 2018 World Cup 2018 South America Zone match with the Brazil squad.

In the game, the Brazilian national team will face Ecuador and Colombia.

When asked about how to train his coach at the club and national team, Gabriel Jesus said that the two coaches are not much different in how to train.

“I do not really see too much difference between Pep and Tite,” says Gabriel Jesus quoted from Squawka.

“Both seem to be the same on the pitch, asking questions about tactics, transferring a lot of intensity to the team, figuring out the form of the game, and how we hit the opponent,” he said.

Gabriel Jesus himself has recorded five goals and seven appearances with the senior Brazilian national team.

He is also a key player in Brazil’s national team’s success in reaching the 2016 Olympic gold medal in Rio de Janeiro.

Malaysia Tekuk Indonesia, Warganet Sesu Instagram Ezra Walian

Malaysia Tekuk Indonesia, Warganet Sesu Instagram Ezra Walian

Social media turmoil after Indonesian National Team U-22 lost 0-1 from Malaysia at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Saturday (26/08/2017). Warganet vying to spill his response related to the failure of Garuda Young to the final round of SEA Games 2017.

The appearance of Indonesian national team striker U-22 Ezra Walian one of the attention. Various responses of Instagram users about naturalized players it. Incidentally, Ezra appeared to replace Marinus who was absent due to card accumulation.

Ezra beberpa times have a chance to score in two rounds of the game. For example in the 40th minute when he successfully pushed into the penalty box.

At the end of the first half, the Dutch naturalized player is receiving feedback from the midfield but failed to outwit one defender Malaysia. In the 65th minute, Timnas Indonesia goal opportunities failed to be utilized Ezra because the ball off of his legs. Though he has escaped the offside trap and solo-run into the penalty box.

Coach Luis Milla eventually replaced the 19-year-old. Ezra sat on the bench replaced by Osvaldo Haay in the 70th minute.

Indonesia itself must recognize the benefits of Malaysia with a score of 1-0. The only goal of the hosts was scored by Malaysian striker Thanabalan Nadaraja with a header.

Many followers of Ezra are disappointed. They wreaked it through the comments in Instagram account of players who reportedly being targeted West Ham United’s.

“If you look like this, you should not naturalize yourself, there are many local players whose quality is no less good.Sorry, I say what it is.Take this as a constructive critic for you @ezrawalian, so that you can be even better,” wrote Owner of the @ noor.ramadhani account in Instagram, which growled over Ezra’s performance.

But some chose a different point of view. They did not berate Ezra but gave him support.

“Do not you scold the children of the nation when they lose.Anyway they have fought so hard We should appreciate their struggle instead of abusing them #simonedyour struggle @ezrawalian #Forzaindonesia,” wrote the owner of Instgram @ daguell_31 account.

Indonesian National Team U-22 Flood Card, Impact of Quality of Local Referees

Indonesian National Team U-22 Flood Card, Impact of Quality of Local Referees

The number of Indonesian national team players U-22 who entered the referee book during the SEA Games 2017 is the impact of the quality of domestic competition court Agen Bola Terpercaya.

Indonesia U-22 national team has several times lost players due to accumulated cards.

Latest, captain Hansamu Yama Pranata, Muhammad Hargianto, and Marinus Wanewar certainly absent in the semi-final against Malaysia on Saturday (26/08/2017).

“Referees in Indonesia and SEA Games are much different, sometimes the local referees are less assertive, so players are not used to being led by international referees at the SEA Games,” senior defender Manahati Lestusen told

When mentioned about how to temper temperament while on the field, the 24-year-old can not answer. “If this talk, it is difficult because I also have difficulty keeping emotions,” he explained.

Under these conditions, Indonesia U-22 national team able to advance to the semifinals of the SEA Games. Luis Milla’s men qualified from Group B as runners-up below Thailand.

Zidane Do not Want Many Comments about Sergio Ramos Red Card

Zidane Do not Want Many Comments about Sergio Ramos Red Card

Real Madrid start the Spanish League Season 2017-2018 with a convincing victory over Deportivo La Coruna. Playing away at Riazor Stadium on Sunday (20/08/2017) or Monday early morning GMT, Zinedine Zidane’s team beat host Deportivo La Coruna 3-0.

Gareth Bale started the victory of the defending champion. The former world’s most expensive player opens his tap again in the 20th minute, followed by Casemiro (27 ‘) and Toni Kroos (62’).

Unfortunately, the victory convinced El Real was tarnished by the expulsion of captain Sergio Ramos. The Spain international defender received a second yellow card late in the game. The red card became the 18th for Ramos in action in the Spanish league.

The red card made Zidane disappointed. However, the entrenador did not want to comment much because the court decision can not be changed anymore.

“I do not like to see a player being sent off but that can not be changed,” Zidane said of the club’s official website.

Coach who is familiarly called Zizou is reluctant to comment much about the red card received by the captain. Zidane also did not comment whether the red card is indeed worthy of acceptance by Ramos.

“I will look again at the recording but I will not talk much about it,” said the Frenchman.

Ederson Glad Can Be Called Timnas Brasil

Ederson Glad Can Be Called Timnas Brasil

New goalkeeper Manchester City Ederson admits he is proud to be summoned by the Brazilian national team.

The 23-year-old goalkeeper was included by Tite in the World Cup qualifying squad against Ecuador and Colombia, with Ederson feeling proud of the opportunity.

“I am very happy to be summoned to the national team,” the former Benfica goalkeeper told reporters. “This is definitely a new achievement in my career, I work very hard for this moment.”

“I believe that Brazil now has a lot of good options in the goalkeeping position. I will go, enjoy my game, and give my best when meeting with the squad later. “

SEA Games 2017: Indonesia U-22 national team make Thailand anxious

SEA Games 2017: Indonesia U-22 national team make Thailand anxious

Thailand is the inaugural test that must be passed Indonesia U-22 national team in the inaugural match of Group B soccer SEA Games 2017 Judi Bola Online. Though unseeded, Thailand trained Worrawoot Srimaka reluctant jgawa.

For U-22 national team, Thailand is not just an opponent that must be faced in Group B. They also become the main rival U-22 national team in an effort to win gold SEA Games. Yes, PSSI targeting the team made by Luis Milla won the prime gold after the 1991 SEA Games.

The problem is, Thailand will obviously be a difficult opponent. They are the largest collectors of SEA Games gold medal, which is 15 times. Unlike the new Indonesia won two gold.

“We came here to defend the gold medal we had won two years ago in Singapore and I have prepared the players to perform in good shape because we know the competition will get tighter this year,” Srimaka said as quoted by The Sun Daily.

Thailand was often a nightmare for the Indonesian national team. After the 1991 SEA Games, the Red and White team had three chances to end the famine. Unfortunately, two occasions of which thwarted Thailand, namely the SEA Games 1997 and 2013.

Despite excelling in history and quality records, not even the White Elephant State team underestimate Febri Hariyadi and friends. In fact, they do not hesitate to call Indonesia as one of the strongest rivals with Vietnam.

“Even though I bring most of the new faces, I am sure they will give the best, all the teams will be a threat to us, especially Vietnam and Indonesia which is one of the strongest competitors,” said Srimaka.

On the other hand, Indonesia U-22 national team has been to Malaysia since Saturday (08/12/2017). A total of 20 + 1 players brought Milla to Kuala Lumpur. Besides Thailand, Indonesia’s opponents are Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Timor Leste.

For This, Former Chelsea Stars Interested in Train English Club

For This, Former Chelsea Stars Interested in Train English Club

Former Chelsea star Hernan Crespo has been overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the Premier League which he says has grown tremendously in recent seasons.

Because of these conditions, the Argentinean man is increasingly challenged to be back again to England, this time as a coach. Crespo hopes he can immediately realize his desire to be able to menukangi club in a competitive league.

“Wow, hopefully. Yes, because I love the situation of the managers in England, because all is not just about the players or what happens on the field, “said Crespo.

“It involves all the elements in the club. And I like that kind of situation. I will not try to do it in Italy, because they will not let me do it. ”

Still Hard to Move On From Chelsea

Crespo himself still can not forget the sweet memories when he was still costumed Chelsea. He always remembers every inch of his journey at the Stamford Bridge resident club.

“My moments at Chelsea are full of memories. My teammates, fans, Stamford Bridge and we won the Premier League trophy. It is unbelievable, “he said.

“I just spent a short time at Chelsea. I want to have another life so I spend time there. I have great respect for fans, but since the beginning of the Roman Abramovich era they have not often won titles. It was fantastic. ”

“I cried after winning the league. It was very special to me. In the first season we ended up as runners-up and qualified for the Champions League semifinals. And I know I have to go back and win the league with Chelsea, “continued the former Inter Milan player. (Source: Daily Mail / ESPN FC)

Keown: Sanchez must leave Arsenal well

Keown: Sanchez must leave Arsenal well

Arsenal football legend Martin Keown has stated that if Alexis Sanchez wants to leave in the next summer, then he should respect the remainder of his contract Sbobet Casino.

Now the result of his tenure remains one more season and his performance is remarkable in last season where the player scored 24 goals from 38 matches in the Premier League competition, so a number of top European clubs continue to try to approach it like Bayern Munich and also Manchester City. However, The Citizens who look more serious want to take it.

Where recently after Alexis asked for a fantastic salary increase per week and has not been responded by the Gunners then Pep Guardiola reportedly able to meet the demand of 28-year-old players and to convince him to bergabug Pep will also guarantee him to play regularly in the main squad term long.

But if the retainer of the Chilean national team who had grazed with Barcelona that want to leave the Emirates stadium next season, then Keown requested that the players in the competition 2017-2018 should treat the club with great respect. Where to keep giving the best.

“I do not think Sanchez is the type of player who wants to tutuo mouth,” Martin Keownn told the media.

“Wenger will rely on the fact that he is a man who likes to play and give everything, they can do something because he must make a mark in the club and succeed. So if he will leave, then he should do it in a proper way.

“He has previously signed a contract in good faith and while he may be able to move the club and make more money in other clubs. Sometimes utu is concerned with dignity and awareness and completion of work. That’s what he has to do at Arsenal.

“Wenger probably hopes to win the Premier League and keep Sanchez where to meet his needs from the Cup’s point of view and find ways to customize his contract demands. But I do not see that happening. “

AC Milan Need a Leader

AC Milan Need a Leader

AC Milan legend Marcel Desailly admits his former club still has one problem before the new season rolls. According to him, the Rossoneri need a leader figure.

Milan are very active buying players in the transfer market this summer. Desailly is happy to see his former club activities. But he admits, it is not enough because Il Diavolo need players who can lead the team.

“Milan have bought many players but that is not enough for the next two seasons,” said Desailly.

“To create a solid foundation, the club needs a leader,” said the former player who won the 1998 World Cup with the French national team.

“You need a lot of elements to get a great Milan like the 90s.”

According to him, money is important for the club but not everything. He was worried when former President Silvio Berlusconi left the club.

“So we expect Milan to be active in the transfer market, now the new owners have proved it,” said Desailly who once won the Champions League with Milan.

Milan are the players in the transfer market after the club bought a consortium from China led by Yonghong Li, last April. At least there are 10 new players ready to strengthen the team next season, among them there are famous names like Leonardo Bonucci, Frank Kessie, Lucas Biglia and Andre Silva.

Del Piero: Scudetto Scramble Is Fun

Del Piero: Scudetto Scramble Is Fun

Alessandro Del Piero hopes to see more exciting competition in Serie A this season Agen Casino.

The legendary captain led his team to grab the first of six consecutive Scudetto titles.

“In my opinion, Juventus are one step ahead of the others for seeing what they have gained over the last few seasons,” said Dep Piero.

“They work secretly in the transfer market than other clubs, but they ultimately strengthen the already strong team.

“I hope that Milan, Napoli and Roma duo are back in the competition for the Scudetto, so we can see a more exciting league than last season, where only Napoli and Roma are doing something worthwhile to rival Juventus.”