Malaysia Tekuk Indonesia, Warganet Sesu Instagram Ezra Walian

Malaysia Tekuk Indonesia, Warganet Sesu Instagram Ezra Walian

Social media turmoil after Indonesian National Team U-22 lost 0-1 from Malaysia at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Saturday (26/08/2017). Warganet vying to spill his response related to the failure of Garuda Young to the final round of SEA Games 2017.

The appearance of Indonesian national team striker U-22 Ezra Walian one of the attention. Various responses of Instagram users about naturalized players it. Incidentally, Ezra appeared to replace Marinus who was absent due to card accumulation.

Ezra beberpa times have a chance to score in two rounds of the game. For example in the 40th minute when he successfully pushed into the penalty box.

At the end of the first half, the Dutch naturalized player is receiving feedback from the midfield but failed to outwit one defender Malaysia. In the 65th minute, Timnas Indonesia goal opportunities failed to be utilized Ezra because the ball off of his legs. Though he has escaped the offside trap and solo-run into the penalty box.

Coach Luis Milla eventually replaced the 19-year-old. Ezra sat on the bench replaced by Osvaldo Haay in the 70th minute.

Indonesia itself must recognize the benefits of Malaysia with a score of 1-0. The only goal of the hosts was scored by Malaysian striker Thanabalan Nadaraja with a header.

Many followers of Ezra are disappointed. They wreaked it through the comments in Instagram account of players who reportedly being targeted West Ham United’s.

“If you look like this, you should not naturalize yourself, there are many local players whose quality is no less good.Sorry, I say what it is.Take this as a constructive critic for you @ezrawalian, so that you can be even better,” wrote Owner of the @ noor.ramadhani account in Instagram, which growled over Ezra’s performance.

But some chose a different point of view. They did not berate Ezra but gave him support.

“Do not you scold the children of the nation when they lose.Anyway they have fought so hard We should appreciate their struggle instead of abusing them #simonedyour struggle @ezrawalian #Forzaindonesia,” wrote the owner of Instgram @ daguell_31 account.

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