Keown: Sanchez must leave Arsenal well

Keown: Sanchez must leave Arsenal well

Arsenal football legend Martin Keown has stated that if Alexis Sanchez wants to leave in the next summer, then he should respect the remainder of his contract Sbobet Casino.

Now the result of his tenure remains one more season and his performance is remarkable in last season where the player scored 24 goals from 38 matches in the Premier League competition, so a number of top European clubs continue to try to approach it like Bayern Munich and also Manchester City. However, The Citizens who look more serious want to take it.

Where recently after Alexis asked for a fantastic salary increase per week and has not been responded by the Gunners then Pep Guardiola reportedly able to meet the demand of 28-year-old players and to convince him to bergabug Pep will also guarantee him to play regularly in the main squad term long.

But if the retainer of the Chilean national team who had grazed with Barcelona that want to leave the Emirates stadium next season, then Keown requested that the players in the competition 2017-2018 should treat the club with great respect. Where to keep giving the best.

“I do not think Sanchez is the type of player who wants to tutuo mouth,” Martin Keownn told the media.

“Wenger will rely on the fact that he is a man who likes to play and give everything, they can do something because he must make a mark in the club and succeed. So if he will leave, then he should do it in a proper way.

“He has previously signed a contract in good faith and while he may be able to move the club and make more money in other clubs. Sometimes utu is concerned with dignity and awareness and completion of work. That’s what he has to do at Arsenal.

“Wenger probably hopes to win the Premier League and keep Sanchez where to meet his needs from the Cup’s point of view and find ways to customize his contract demands. But I do not see that happening. “

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