For This, Former Chelsea Stars Interested in Train English Club

For This, Former Chelsea Stars Interested in Train English Club

Former Chelsea star Hernan Crespo has been overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the Premier League which he says has grown tremendously in recent seasons.

Because of these conditions, the Argentinean man is increasingly challenged to be back again to England, this time as a coach. Crespo hopes he can immediately realize his desire to be able to menukangi club in a competitive league.

“Wow, hopefully. Yes, because I love the situation of the managers in England, because all is not just about the players or what happens on the field, “said Crespo.

“It involves all the elements in the club. And I like that kind of situation. I will not try to do it in Italy, because they will not let me do it. ”

Still Hard to Move On From Chelsea

Crespo himself still can not forget the sweet memories when he was still costumed Chelsea. He always remembers every inch of his journey at the Stamford Bridge resident club.

“My moments at Chelsea are full of memories. My teammates, fans, Stamford Bridge and we won the Premier League trophy. It is unbelievable, “he said.

“I just spent a short time at Chelsea. I want to have another life so I spend time there. I have great respect for fans, but since the beginning of the Roman Abramovich era they have not often won titles. It was fantastic. ”

“I cried after winning the league. It was very special to me. In the first season we ended up as runners-up and qualified for the Champions League semifinals. And I know I have to go back and win the league with Chelsea, “continued the former Inter Milan player. (Source: Daily Mail / ESPN FC)

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